Author’s Info


I’m Jonathan So—
I write, I smoke, I drink, I dream, and love life even it doesn’t love me back sometimes.
I love metaphors. I always search for ways to hit back at life’s cruel ironies.
I lost two dogs—one hanged himself; the other abandoned me.
I love the idea of time travel, serendipitous experiences, reincarnation, chaos theories, and the knickknacks of Philosophy.

I believe that humans are the long lost dark matter of this universe.

I believe that daydreamers are underrated.

I have a loving wife and a son who have been forgiving with my idiosyncrasies and shortcomings.
I’m aging and that means a lot—I have to fix a lot of things.
Someday, I’ll write my own epitaph. It’s a work in progress.
Right now, I’m simply writing my way through life—one word at a time.


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