Third World Wheels



Fast-rolling, art-tattered, colorful four-wheeled stainless steel box—a galvanized-sheet-made road monster as ubiquitous as the diesel exhaust fumes it spews. While it dazes mad in a Grand Prix class of speed, it can stop at will like a sudden outburst of rage, screeching loud as it scratches rough asphalts or smooth road cement. Inside this rickety proletarian transport, masses of all types huddle hard for a nauseous cramped space as it turns, swerve, and swirl to and fro huge or narrow avenues of trade. Don’t even expect sidewalks to be spared if the traffic push comes to metallic riotous shove. Imagine the rage if autobots and decepticons get stuck in traffic in a one way street—the picture’s more like it minus the fiction. This is Philippine jeepney—the country’s “king of the road”—probably the unheralded Third World Road Wonder of the World.


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