Random Musings


Each of us has a story—muted tales of madness, fear, and uncertainty. Everything splinters, gets crushed, and gets broken. Life doesn’t go round in circles. Like an unfamiliar road, it has bends, curvatures, and edges—nothing ever goes straight. There are even nightmares inside a dream. I once comforted a lost child in a crowd and felt lost myself. I witnessed old people shedding tears for wounded doves in a park and kids laughing at tearful crocs inside a cage. Even a reflective solitary man in a white-tiled room will scream of darkness. Life’s humor simply throws out plenty of scary metaphors. Most of the time, we are just like wood shavings in the air bound to hurt visions or feathers blown by the wind unsure of direction. A good percentage of humanity subsists on hope; but the greater tragedy is simpler: we live our lives just too afraid to take life on its head and go out screaming. When we want something bad and it takes a bold sacrifice to achieve, should our minds be supple to fear or our hearts disincline to what they feel? Is it living when each day we die from within? I’ve once known a man who lost everything but still had these words to share: “Don’t wait for the hardest fall. Take charge of your life like there’s nobody else out there who cares at all.”



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