The Treasure Trove


Once there was a boy who hid himself one day inside his parents’ wall cabinet. Within that newfound lair, he discovered a wooden chest he took as treasure trove. Excitedly, he pulled it open and rummaged through the loot. To the boy’s consternation, he discovered no candies or toys but these sad mementos: a bundle of mooted hopes; two stacks of mistaken joys; an array of anger; three nice rolls of regret; a neat sheet of tragedy; some stocks of depression; a deck of distrust; two packs of pride; four canisters of sorrow; a thick envelope of disappointment; a bottle of bitterness; six purses of pain; and a heavy bag of guilt. The boy, perplexed at his find, emptied the chest and filled it with broken innocence. He grew up long time ago, but the child is in continual quest—collecting boxes of love and cans of forgiveness.


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