Storms Come in Raindrops for Paper Boats


Some rapid drops of rain
Cruelly sank the paper boat
Behind the scene of the drift
A short but crisp leather whip
Mightily lashed at a fragile skin
The rain just won’t stop

A thunder cracked above the teary sky:
A body was shaken, a little voice cried
The paper boat cringed beneath
The broken shards of bloody rum
The wind blew hard, the angry sky howled
The muffled cries, heaves, and sighs drowned out

As raindrops cut through again like blades
The wet shred of paper boat flowed down the canal’s end
The tore up page loosened up, the bold words stared:
“Coming Storm Suspends Classes”
From drainage afar, more paper boats sailed
The sky just continued to bleed


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