Butterfly Effect


Beneath the thick green foliage of Niger Delta, some tall, sharp blades of grass vowed to a short hush of wind just as the monsoon rain showered the Indonesian Metawai Islands. Down at New York Central Park, balloons popped in the air while a flock of Arctic Terns in the North Sea flapped their wings. Millions of miles away, an old stem broke at a garden in Sao Paulo, Brazil while a long procession of logs passed through a stream 150 miles north of Canadian Border. Two hours passed and dark clouds formed above the fertile earth of the Kaghan Valley in Northern Pakistan at the same moment when a patch of soil eroded in Iroha-zaka in Japan. As a moth slightly moved in a sanctuary in Tajikistan, a tropical cyclone developed over the tropical Northwestern Pacific Ocean. With a maximum sustained winds of 130 kph, it crossed at 260 km East and dumped heavy rains. CNN reported: “Powerful Typhoon Nesat hits Philippines.” Over 7700 miles away down at Cambridge, a yellow butterfly fell dead on Edward Lorenz’s grave.


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