Still Life


Spoiled milk, spilled drinks, and the tiled wall seemed about to close in through the liquid’s flow. A call from deep slumber sank in the stream of dream and was sipped back through. As the early sunlight flared and filtered through broken glass panes and softly soothed the cramped sleepy sweaty bodies with the humid summer heat, the old shafts and dirty bed sheets stirred like a plowed brown earth. Just as the rooster’s lazy crow was heard, the burdened chests and starving mouths heaved and shooed the crumpled paper plates on the rusty creaky bed. The room seemed like a barren scene if not for the swinging crib. Then an infant cried; a siren wailed from the street. The clock clicked at six. The room stayed still. Indeed there are dreams we cannot leave.


3 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. My name is Cory Marchand, I am the photographer/copyright owner of the photo you used here:
    & have hosted here:

    You can see the original photo here, with copyright use requirements:

    I am asking that you please provide photo credits for this picture on your website, or use the image I have provided to you in the link that provides credit on the photo itself. 
    I am asking kindly for compliance within 30 days or remove the picture all together.
    Let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

    1. Hi Sir. My deepest apologies. I already removed the photo. Despite this, thank you for allowing to use it with proper credit to you Sir. I haven’t been updating the site and planning to revamp the whole thing. Again, my sincerest apologies. Thank you.

    2. I’ll also removed the photo or put the proper credit due to you on my old tumbler site from where I migrated these old content. I haven’t opened or updated that site for many years, but I’ll check it in a few days and do the proper thing. My apologies!

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